Brand building starts with strategy

No one wakes up in the morning and decides that they're going to compete for the olympics that same day. In order to become the best, you need to have a strategy (Brand Building Strategy) and you need to be commited to that strategy. How you run the race (the tactics) comes later.

Brand Building Strategy

In order to develop a brand strategy we first need to establish what your brand position is. Your brand position is not your mission statement and has nothing to do with any of the fluffy social / community projects that you undertake to make your business seem more human.


What's going on? In your business, in your market, the first step is understanding, and in order to understand we need to diagnos what the current problems are with your business. Be it a gap in the market for a new product, The fact that your target market does't identify with your brand, etc...

Brand Strategy

Your marketing strategy has absolutely nothing to with tactics, those come later (much like a runner) our strategy speaks to our thinking, our assumptions, our research and what your current market penetration is. Using these as a starting point will allow us to develop a brand strategy that maximises your market penetration.


Tactics are by the one thing that everyone these days seems to understand and yet at the time time very few people know how to implement tactics effectively. This comes back to our previous 2 steps which is Analysis & then Strategy. Tactics are the means by which we implement our Brand Strategy not the means by which we develop one.

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