"The key to successful marketing is having a "strategy first approach". Understanding your brands objectives is paramount to its success"

- Pieter Geyser

WTF does he know?

Having worked on a multitude on international campaigns for global brands I have developed an experienced library of knowledge and insight into what works and what doesn't work in business and marketing.

I use my experience, insights and personal opinions to enlighten and empower others. Sometimes all we need to gain enlightenment is an altering point of view to that of our own - I provide alternative ways of thinking in abundance.

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Keynote Speaking

Hosting a conference or an event in business or marketing and looking for a speaker who believes in disruption? I provide insights and "educated" opinions on where our focus should be for the future. 


Feeling stuck or just looking for a little kick in the arse to get your creative juices flowing again. Writers call it a writers block but it comes down to a lack of inspiration and often times a lack of knowledge or confidence in ones own skill set. 

Motivational Speaker

It's often hard to stay motivated in business. Person growth and mental wellfare so often get placed on the "to-do-list" while we make plans for the future and try to succeed not realising that those two things are detrimental to our success.