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About Me

Who is Pieter Geyser?

I’ve always found that experience speaks volumes to one’s ability to perform. The greatest athletes in the world aren’t the best because they understand the theory of their sport alone, what makes them professionals is their ability to get up each day and train.

Being a sportsman has given me that same sense of dedication that I apply to all areas of my life. It is the sole reason that I have been able to work on globally recognised Brands such as Yale, Samsonite, Huawei and TUMI.

Working on a global scale means that you need to understand more than what is directly in front of you, you need to process information in a fashion that suits each sector, industry, demographic and geographic location in order to truly understand who you are speaking to when you plan your marketing strategy.

Understanding this only comes from experience; over a decade’s worth of experience in Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Project Management and Communications has afforded me with the knowledge in order to understand the varying aspects of a business; across a wide range of industries.

It takes more than simple understanding and know how to be successful though, that’s where passion comes in. I am passionate about developing strategies that both push boundaries as well as meet customers and employers brand expectations. My passion for marketing stems from a love for literature and automobiles.

My first love was motor vehicles, anything with an engine that went fast and sounded loud. Car adverts where one of my favourite things to watch and I’d hunt for them in magazines as a child. Placing adverts on my wall as if they were posters of affirmation. As I grew up I realised that my love for certain car manufacturers was solely based around the communications of the particular brand – enter my love for marketing and communications.

I found out early on in my career that digital would take over the world and there would be a digital disruption. I couldn’t wait to be apart of it. I started reading, studying, learning and practising with all that this digital experience had to offer. From how people interact with a website to what they engage with on social media. What type of email subject lines worked the best and how best to get people to click through to your website while ensuring that they become a customer. There are so many aspects to digital that extend far beyond what we considered it to be 10, 5 or even 3 years ago. Just about every aspect of marketing these days holds a digital element to it. Radio, Billboards/Print, In-Store and even SMS & Email marketing have changed dramatically.  

Allow my passion and excitement to be a part of your brand.